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karl browne band


The Karl Browne Band is a high energy party band. This rhythm and soul band ranges from 7 to 20 pieces (including a gospel choir if needed) playing popular hit cover tunes from all genres tailored especially for you and your guests adding the right class, fun and ambiance to any affair.

 “Smooth Improvisation” (S.I)
For your more intimate events this 3 to 5 piece jazz ensemble is affluent in every genre but specializes in jazz that adds the perfect ambiance to your affair.  The bands focus is on the element of improvisation.  Improvisation can be described as adding free flow change or spontaneity to a performance.  This lends to viewing the band multiply times, as no performance is the same. Improvisation also lets musicians “shine” it allows them to try new things, play around, have fun, impressing & entertaining the audience in which they do consistently locally, and throughout the region and around the world.

S.I. can be seen at most industry showcases and open mic venues in NYC & LA.

Our Vocalists: are impressive indeed.  Many have toured and recorded with various popular recording artists while pursuing their own professional artistic projects.  With their knowledge, talent, music diversity, showmanship, love and passion for entertainment, makes our talent superior in the business and makes your party the talk of the town.

Our Musicians:  not only have a passion for the art of music, they also are excellent and seasoned in their craft.  Their lists of accomplishments are extensive.  Performing, recording and accompanying many celebrity artists, and legends.  All our musicians are respected both in the music industry and amongst their peers.

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