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Mission Statement and Business Philosophy:
To constantly perform & release quality, creative beautiful music that intrigues, motivates and inspires music lovers worldwide while building a legacy of integrity and excellence.

Artist Doing Business United Inc. (A.D.B.U.) Is an entertainment company founded by Mr. Karl Browne in 2002 to create exceptional music as well as a platform for his fellow musicians, building a structure that would enable them to have opportunities for the advancement of their craft and professional endeavors by using the network he developed. 

Inc.’s network exposes musicians to various events, venues and tours… such as the Juneteenth Black Tie Affair, Aretha Franklin’s Gala, Chico and El Debarge Concerts, Concerts in Thailand, JVC Jazz Festival, Yamaha Jazz Festival, Hot Chocolate Soul, WBLS & Kiss FM open mic venues and Michael Jackson’s private parties and shows, along with a host of other National and International events.

Our Company’s goal is to showcase creative and exceptional talent to a wider and broader audience, growing yet utilizing the network its developed over the years, creating opportunities for artists to perform through live performances, cd and dvd distribution.

Our Vision is to have a steady and consistent flow of opportunities for artists.  To expand our network beyond R&B and Jazz beyond musicians and vocalists exploring all genres of music engaging in music production, film and art, theatre and photography working alongside, growing and enhancing the world of art.

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